Unwanted Trading Positions
Hedging Corporate Currency Risk

Hedging Corporate Currency Risk

If you are a multi national company dealing with countries across Europe and around the globe then you are open to currency risk. Do you ever find your profits affected when the value of the pound fluctuates? In the current economic climate that is and will be a constant issue and it isn’t going away. However, with a thought out currency portfolio we can negate this risk and even turn it in your favour.


We will sit down with you and discuss your needs, then we will build a bespoke portfolio tailored to your precise requirements. We can remotely update it or adjust it on site as and when required. Don’t leave yourself open to risks you can’t control, let us control them for you.

Closing Out Unwanted Trading Positions

We work with Administrators who are handed distressed trading books by financial services companies who have been forced to close out. When a trading firm loses money and the clearers and administrators are called in they often don’t understand the risks in what they are looking at. As professional derivatives traders with over 60 years combined experience we can be brought in to assess the book and work out the best way to trade out of the positions while keeping the losses to a minimum. Much of the time a derivative will have months, even years before it expires meaning that losses can be incurred well after the company itself has walked away. Don’t let this happen, we can help.